桜 湖
桜 湖

桜 鳥居
桜 鳥居


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What is 楽々?

楽楽 is called "Raku-Raku".

The Kanji(Chinese character)  

means "Easy".

Also, the word means "Pleasure".

The sound of "Raku" is similar to the English word "Luck".

I chose the title "” because three meanings are included in one symbol!

I hope that you can learn Japanese language,


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$5 First Session

All students are required to take the first session for the fee of $5

The first session

will include the following:

Affirmation of the congeniality between the instructor and student 

Approval of the lesson content

The assessment/ level test (Intermediate, Advanced, AP/ SAT/ JLPT Preparation courses)

Appointment for the next class, etc.

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Purpose of
learning Japanese
  • Interest in Japanese language & culture

  • Japanese trip or moving to Japan

  • Tutorial for Japanese language university classes

  • AP/SAT Japanese preparation for high school student

  • JLPT Preparation

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Introduces a grasp of Japanese lifestyles
Nifty Jiffy Japan

My best friend Yuko-san introduces Japanese culture by YouTube and blog.

“Nifty Jiffy Japan” introduces a grasp of the Japanese lifestyle. You can get interesting brief stories here on this site. Then, you can dig deeper using specialized sites and sources.              
 Luck Luck Japanese

Beginner to        


Basic Japanese grammar, Japanese culture & custom.

Use original textbook “Luck Luck (楽楽) Japanese” For beginner.

College Student

Strengthens your Japanese language skills.

Provides help with your major and minor degree.

JLPT Preparation


  Prepares student for the exam, primarily from N3 to N5. 

  Strengthens your Japanese language skills to receive your best NLPT score 

High School student (AP/SAT Japanese)


= For student =
Strengthens your Japanese skills to receive improved AP and SAT scores
Provides preparation for taking Japanese class at college
AP日本語 試験対策
= For parents =
 Provides explanation of the AP and SAT exams
 Insight into how to prepare your high school child for exams
AP Japanese試験対策を

Do you have interest in Japan?

Here is more information!

     $5 First session

  *assign at least one week

    before the session

Receive confirmation


Receive ZOOM invitation

Two days before the session

First Session

Do you have ZOOM account?

If you don't get a confirmation email, please contact luckluckjapanese@gmail.com