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Lesson 11

I am not a student          I was a student                  I was not a student                 

You are not beautiful     You were beautiful            You were not beautiful

You are not pretty          You were pretty                  You were not pretty

Lesson  12

There is not an apple    There was an apple   There was not an apple       

There is not a cat         There was a cat         There was not a cat

add positional words   


Lesson 13

I don’t like an apple           I liked an apple              I didn’t like an apple

I don’t like to eat an apple  I liked to eat an apple I didn’t like to eat an apple  

Add object words & particle を=wo(P4)


Lesson 14

I don’t go to the school     I went to the school      I didn’t go to the school


Lesson 15

I don’t eat an apple       I ate an apple   I didn’t eat an apple 

Add object words & particle を=wo (P4)   


Lesson 16

I can’t swim                  I could swim     I couldn’t swim

I am not able to swim  I was able to swim          I was not able to swim


Lesson 17

I don’t want an apple         I wanted an apple             I didn’t want an apple 

I don’t want to eat an apple I wanted to eat an apple  I didn’t want to eat an apple


Lesson 18

Please don’t eat an apple 


Lesson 19  New  Question

Interrogative sentence a )~か=ka?    B) ~ね=ne?

Interrogative sentence use 7W3H 

what, when, where, who, why, what kind, which, how, how about, how much


Lesson 20  New Adverb     

Frequency  いつも=itsumo、よく=yoku、時々=tokidoki、あまり=amari、全然=zenzen

You will learn Negative verb forms, Past forms and Past Negative forms based on the “STEP” lesson.

There are ten lessons in this program.

One session is provided with each lesson, so there are ten sessions with this course.

If you need more time, you can take an additional lesson/session for $40/hr.


You can choose between two programs;

1. "All Lessons."

2. " Lessons 1-5" and "Lesson 6-10."

If you choose "All Lessons," you will receive a $20 discount.

Also, there are 1.5 hours lesson & 2 hours lesson

That you can get discount!

$55 /1.5 hours                          $70/2hours


$40/60 min x 10 Lessons

                           + Textbook $20=$420

$420- $20 discount              Total $400

$40/60 min x 5 Lessons 

                          + Textbook $20=$220

                  (lesson 1 to 5)     Total $220

$40/50 min x 5 Lessons =$200

                  (Lesson 5 to 10)   Total $200

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