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                              Table  of Contents

Lesson 1  Subject is Noun &Adjective describes noun 

1-A  I am a student (noun)

1-B You are pretty (adjective)                                           Particle  " wa"


Lesson 2  Subject’s   Noun  &  Noun of Subject

This is my pen  (possessive)                                                 Particle   "no"


Lesson 3  There is Topic & There is Topic at place

3-A  There is an apple  ( inanimate)                                     Particle   "ga"

3-B  There is a cat (animate)                                                 Particle   "ni"

3-C  Add place    There is an apple on the table.


Lesson  4  Subject like Topic & Subject like to Verb

4-A  I like an apple

4-B   I like to eat  

Lesson 5  I go to Place

I go to the school


Lesson 6   Subject do Verb

6-A   I eat                                                                                 Particle  "wo"

6-B   I eat an apple

Lesson 7   Subject can Verb

I can swim 


Lesson 8     Subject want Noun & Subject want to Verb

8-A  I want an apple

8-B   I want to eat  

Lesson  9    Let’s +Verb

Let’s eat 


Lesson  10   Please Noun/Verb

10-A Please give me an apple

10-B Please eat 

There are ten lessons in this program that provide a beginner’s fluency in Japanese.

One session is provided with each lesson, so there are ten sessions with this course.

If you need more time, you can take an additional lesson/session for $35/1hr

You can choose between two programs;

1. "All Lessons."

2. " Lessons 1-5" and "Lesson 6-10."

If you choose "All Lessons," you will receive a $20 discount.

$40/60 min x 10 Lessons

                           + Textbook $20=$420

$420 - $20 discount              Total $400


$40/60 min x 5 Lessons 

                          + Textbook $20=$220

                  (Lesson 1 to 5)     Total $220

$40/60 min x 5 Lessons =$200

                  (Lesson 5 to 10)   Total $200

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