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Luck Luck (楽楽) Japanese


There is the word “DEKORU” in Japanese. This word is kind of slang word made by young people around ’20.

The meaning of “DEKORU” is “decoration” in English +   “suru” (doing) that coined verb in Japanese.

The Luck Luck (楽楽) Japanese Textbooks are quite simple, and there are a lot of blank portions in these textbooks. You will fill out the answer with your tutor.

This is a textbook and workbook, and upon completion the perfect Japanese study guide to reinforce your language skills!

You can add colors, illustrations, or use stickers  to make own Japanese handy Textbook.

                    This is “DEKORU” textbooks!

  Download Textbook

After confirmed your payment for the course, you will receive an email to download your textbook.

Please finish the download within 30 days of payment.

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