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​AP Japanese試験には文化面の出題が多く出ます。日本の幅広い文化や習慣を修得するには1年ほどかけてじっくり身につける必要があります。


= For High School Students =

This is a preparation course for the AP Japanese test for the student who has already mastered some level of Japanese.  I will thoroughly guide you to understand the test content, trend and the strategy.  Based on the result of the assessment/ level test taken in the first session which reveals the weak points on the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, I will plan for you to improve such weak areas. 

​AP日本語 試験対策 (父兄用)

=For Parents (native Japanese speaker) =

せっかく日本語が出来るお子さんにAP Japanese試験を受けさせたい。






 まずは、親子でAP Japanese試験の内容をお聞きになりませんか?


 2時間の説明 + 資料=$12

=レッスン料 一か月 (週一回)=

 $60/1.5時間 x 4回$240

What is 

       AP Japanese exam?

Advanced Placement Japanese

                                  Language and Culture

is a course offered by the College Board as part of the Advanced Placement Program in the United States. It is intended to give students a thorough background in the Japanese language and Japanese social customs.  (College Board)


Most colleges accept credit if you get a score of 3 or higher for AP Exam, which saves you time and tuition fees in your university studies.

Also, it will show the colleges you apply to your diligence in studying other languages.

Don't worry if your high school doesn't have an AP Japanese class.

The College Board schedules a Japanese exam every May, which you can take in place of an AP Japanese exam.

Please ask your counselor for details regarding the availability of taking the AP Japanese exam.

You can find colleges that offer credit  by the College Board Website.

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