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​Luck Luck (楽楽) Japanese Method

Luck Luck Japanese is a perfect course for a learner who is non-native and has no knowledge of the Japanese language, yet by chance, who is intrigued to learn it. 
With the textbook, Hop, Step, Jump, of the original learning method and an accompanying textbook, Hop, this course is created to help a beginner master the least, and necessary Japanese to be able to survive in Japan, even alone.  You do not need perfect Japanese.  Japanese people will welcome you even with your limited, minimum Japanese because of the traditional spirit of hospitality, “OMOTENASHI.” 


Also, by studying basic Japanese grammar through the Luck Luck Japanese course, the prospective college student will have the advantage of understanding Japanese college

courses smoothly.

Also, you can learn about Japanese culture, history, monthly events, foods, famous locations and etc. Please consult the instructor. I can tailor the classes to satisfy the needs of students.



Let's start, shall we?

One on One Live Online Lesson by ZOOM

This Japanese Learning System consists of Four Steps;   “HOP,” “STEP,” and “JUMP”


                     Explains basic Japanese knowledge, the characteristics of the Japanese language, the writing system, and handy greetings and common phrases. Also, there are worksheets to practice Katakana and Hiragana.

                   You will learn several basic Japanese sentences to survive in Japan.

                     You will learn negative verb forms and tense based on the “HOP” lesson.




You will learn about particles and their use in making fluid and enjoyable Japanese conversations. And finally, you will acquire additional useful sentences to complete the basis of your Japanese language skills

This is an Online lesson utilizing “ZOOM.” It is straightforward and easy to use. If you reserve the session, I will send you an invitation of “ZOOM.” You just click the URL on the invitation to start the class. You can record during the lesson; therefore, you can review it after the lesson.

Luck Luck Japanese: Intermediate Course

This course is for the student who has had some Japanese learning in the past.  You may use the course textbook, Step, or Jump, or if you prefer to use your own textbook, it will be negotiable.  There will be a simple assessment/ level test in the first session.


Luck Luck Japanese:  Advanced Course

In the first session, please let me know what kind of the study content you wish to have.  I would like to be flexible to accommodate your expectation as much as possible.  There will be a simple assessment/ level test.

The student under 18 years old needs the parental approval.

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