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                              Table of Contents

Lesson 21    Particle

Difference between Particle “wa” and “ga


Lesson 22    Other kind of particles

   A. “de”     at (place)・ by

   B. “ni”     at, on, in (place/time) , destination

   C. “mo”   also, too

   D. “kara” reason ・from “made” by・ until

   E.  “to”     with ,and (adjective, verb are irregular “te” )・‘ya

   F. “kurai”  about


Lesson 23    Answer    (How to answer the question)  

Japanese style Yes “hai, sou-desu”/No “iie, chigai-masu


Lesson 24    Comparisons



Lesson 25    Expressing opinions

~(da) to omoi-masu

Lesson 26    Conditionals



Lesson 27    Permission

~temo ii desuka?


Lesson 28    Middle of doing

~te imasu


Lesson 29    To become

~ni/ku narimasu


Lesson 30    Conjunction Words

   A.“soshite”     and them, in addition

   B. “dakara”     because, so

   C. “demo”        but

$35/50 min x 10 Lessons

                           + Textbook $20=$370

$370 - $20 discount              Total $350



$35/50 min x 5 Lessons 

                          + Textbook $20=$196

                  (lesson 1 to 5)     Total $196


$35/50 min x 5 Lessons =$175

                  (Lesson 6 to 10)   Total $175




The Particles are really important because they can make the meaning of a whole sentence different depending on the particle used.

You will learn about particles and their use in making fluid and enjoyable Japanese conversations.

And finally, you will acquire additional useful sentences to complete the basis of your Japanese language skills.

There are ten lessons in this program.

One session is provided with each lesson, so there are ten sessions with this course.

If you need more time, you can take an additional lesson/session for $35/hr.

You can choose between two programs;

1. "All Lessons."

2. " Lessons 1-5" and "Lesson 6-10."

If you choose "All Lessons," you will receive a $20 discount.

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