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Explains basic Japanese knowledge, the characteristics of the Japanese language, the writing system, and handy greetings and common phrases.

Also, there are worksheets to practice Katakana and Hiragana.

This lesson is basic to continue further steps.


$40/60 min x 2 Lessons + Textbook $20

                              Total $100

Hop & Step

$40/60 min x 12 Lessons + Textbook $40=$520

$480 -$40 discount                             Total $440




$40 x 4 lessons (one a week)=$160/month


If you Book "First Step" & "Hop" at once,

you will get $40 discount!

                           Table of Contents

Lesson 1    About Japan

Lesson 2    The specific characteristics of Japanese language

Lesson 3    Basic Structure of a Sentence

Lesson 4    What is the End of a Sentence?

Lesson 5    What is a Particle?

Lesson 6    Factor of the Sentence

Lesson 7    Parts of Speech

Lesson 8    Japanese Writing System

Lesson 9    Roman Letter chart 

Lesson 10   Hiragana  & Katakana chart  with worksheets

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