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Student Comments
Parent Comments

"My daughter became interested in Japanese in Middle School. Kazumi is knowledgeable, kind, and friendly, and my daughter learned a lot from her. In college, my daughter studied for one year abroad in Japan, and, after graduation, taught with the JET (Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program)in Japan. Kazumi helped her prep for Japanese exams. I recommend her services highly.


-From C G (Parent of High School & College student) -

= Japanese club members at a High school=

Thank you so much for all the love & work you've put into teaching us Japanese language and culture. 

You are so kind and thoughtful to us.

-From Cheri

I learn so much and really appreciate all the print-out, you've provided for us. Thank you for being a kind teacher and correcting my mistake, Thank you for all you've done.

-From V.C (High School Student)

Thank you for everything you've done for us.

I've loved learning the Japanese language and culture with you.

-From Camela​

Thank you so much for teaching us for the past 3 years! 

You were patient & helpful, and made learning Japanese experience.

I wouldn't forget!

-From Faith

Luck Luck Japanese provided high-quality work that helped me learn Japanese in a fun yet unique manner. I highly recommend this website because they really do care for their students within a professional environment.

-From Ryu

Kazumi-san has helped me so much with my Japanese language studies! Her program works well with students of all ages. My daughter and I studied together using her classes. Her program introduced us to conversational Japanese quickly and efficiently. I also took the Japanese Culture class and learned a bit of Japanese cooking!

 Kazumi-san is professional and supportive. I would recommend LuckLuck classes to anyone. 

- From R.T 

AP Japaneseを調べていくうちにとっても難しいテストだと知り、勉強方法を検索してこちらのサイトに行き着きました。






​ーFrom K.H (Parent of AP/SAT prep course)

Kazumi-san is an exceptional instructor. In a few short months, I have learned more than my previous 3 years in university courses. Every week, she prepares a thoughtful and targeted lesson to my skill level. 1:1 instruction from a native speaker is effective, but 1:1 instruction from a native speaker who has a contagious love for her culture and genuine interest in her students is life changing. Kazumi-san offers all the above and is simply the best there is!

-From M.V

Kazumi is such a kind person who patiently taught me beginner Japanese before I moved to Tokyo. She was one of few connections I had to Japan before I moved and really inspired me to learn about the culture and communicate in a very difficult, but beautiful language! She prepared two beginner level Japanese workbooks to help introduce the language and I still have them after over 3 years. I recommend Kazumi as a teacher and she will easily become a wonderful friend, as well.

Jul 21, 2020

-From Wendy (A chosen person of JET program )

She helped me out with Japanese language and etiquette before my internship in Tokyo last summer. 


-From EB (High School Student) -  Jun. 2012

=Upward Bound program PCC East campus

                                                              2019 Summer =


Thank you so much for being a part of Upward Bound this summer. You class was awesome and we really appreciate you working so hard with us! 

-Espranza (Manager of Pima Community College)

Thank you for being front of our workshops this summer! The kids had a great time learning from you!

- Damian  (Support Specialist)

Thank you for your hard work + dedication with Upward Bound, it has been a pleasure to have you with us!

-Leah (Support technician)


Kazumi is a fantastic tutor that has always been very patient and flexible regarding my learning style and ability. I learned not only Japanese, but a lot about culture and history as well.

- From Julia (A chosen person of JET program)

My teenage daughter has been taking Japanese lessons with Luck Luck for past 4 years. We all love Kazumi. My daughter is now quite proficient in reading both types of Japanese characters and can speak conversational Japanese. She has also learned so much about Japanese culture and history. She has accompanied Kazumi to several Japanese festivals and meetings and always had a great experience.

- Lucas (Parent of a high school student)

My daughter learned a lot with Kazumi with language, grammar, and culture. It was well taught, with strategies and knowledge of the Japanese language.

My daughter made tremendous progress in her learning.

-From Sophie (Parent of a middle school student)

Japanese is a complex language to learn for English speakers but Luck Luck approached her lessons with me with an eye to communicating key phrases. Her lessons were well-prepared and her interaction with me friendly and effective. I used the phrases, the numbers, and short sentences with the desired effect: communication. The people in Japan were surprised by hearing their language spoken by a short-term foreign visitor.

-From Peter 

Kazumi tutored me when I studied Japanese in college. With her help, I was able to get good grades and use the Japanese I had learned when I visited Japan.

-From D.M (College student 1997)

The teacher is nice and willing to answer any questions you have patiently!

-From Michael

Kazumi Sensai is very funny and friendly. She makes Japanese class very fun. She is also very flexible and I enjoy her classes very much.

Kazumi Sensai also motivates me to learn Japanese in a fun way. Also, she explained Japanese culture/ history very well.

- Sophia

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